Critters of 20177


Above, the mourning dove that came in as a baby at right, all gown up on the left


At left, snowy owl from this December, at right great horned owl from earlier in year, from Bridge visitor center

Bubby the Squirrel


At left, a squirrel who came in near dead but is doing well. At right, the survivor of 3 squirrels that came in starved and hairless. He has fur now.

Ms. ChuckBald eagle

At left, Ms. Chuck. At right a bald eagle that went to a rehabber down near Albany.

Baby green heronGreen heron










The green heron that came in with a broken wing--the green is a bandage. The wing  healed, but the bird was not able to fly
This December he went to live at the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista, California.